We match the talent and skills you require to the ideal candidate

At JA&A, we understand how stressful and time consuming it can be for employers to find the right person for a position. From the trove of resumes that flood your inbox when you first advertise, to the many interviews and finally to selecting the right candidate. 

Because we have been in the business of recruiting for so long, we are able to make this process smoother and less stressful for you. Over the years we have built up a large database of candidates across several industries. We develop strong relationships with our candidates and are continually renewing and updating their information. As such, we make those first steps of selection easier and quicker.

Our skillful and intuitive team of HR specialists will ensure you find the right person for a position. From Executive staff and non-Executive staff such as Administrative, Accounting, Technical, Sales and Legal personnel, we will find your ideal candidate.

We pride ourselves on our ability to understand your needs as an employer and successfully match those needs with suitable candidates, thereby shortening the overall time it takes to find your ideal candidate.

Our process has been extremely effective, and we continue to improve upon it, for both our clients and our candidates.

Our Services

Upon an initial discussion about your company and corporate culture, we can provide you with one or more of a combination of the following services:

Job Listing

Review of Position and Search for Candidates

Finding the ideal candidate requires more than just placing an ad. That is why, we first seek to gain a good understanding of your company, your type of business, the environment within which business is conducted and your overall corporate culture. We will discuss with you the details of the job and ensure it is clearly defined in your Job Description. If you do not have a Job Description, we can create one for you.

 With this information and with our ‘matchmaker’ expertise, we will bring together well-suited candidates, sourced through a combination of advertising and head hunting.

Job Descriptions

It’s not just that employees are essential to your organisation’s success, it’s having the right employee in a position that’s suitable to him or her that would have a positive long-term impact on your company. And that is the first and foremost reason to have a clearly defined job description – to find the right fit candidate. A well-crafted job description helps you do that – attract qualified and relevant applicants. The added benefit being a reduction in the influx of unsuited resumes and cover letters in your inbox.

Importantly, the cost of a poorly written, unclear job description is nothing short of hiring the wrong person, potentially draining your productivity and negatively impacting your bottom line.

We will work with you to gain a good understanding of your company, your type of business, the environment within which business is conducted and your overall corporate culture. We will discuss with you the full details of the job and ensure it is clearly defined in your Job Description.

Why not make it easy on yourself and allow us to assist you in creating or refining and updating your job description?

Interview Coordination

Coordinating and scheduling interviews is time consuming and can be further complicated when unexpected situations arise and there is a need to reschedule.  There are dozens of scenarios that can cause even the best laid plans to go awry. Executives and Managers whose days are demanding combined with candidates needing to request time off, requires coordination.  

Let us take this time-consuming exercise off of your hands.

Contract Creation/Review

The relationship between the employer and the employee is fundamentally a legal one, and therefore written agreements or contracts with staff, assist in avoiding misunderstandings and disagreements.  Due to our changing environment, periodic review and upgrade your employee contracts is highly recommended and is in everyone’s best interest.

Even if you are just starting up and need a contract from scratch, we can create one for you.

Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric assessments are used to help employers find the right person for the job.  They are a standard and scientific method used to measure individuals’ mental capabilities and behavioural style, thereby providing objective data on an individual.

Psychometric tests typically measure attributes including, intelligence, critical reasoning, motivation and personality.

Importantly, psychometric assessments should be used not in isolation, but rather as a component of a wider, integrated talent management strategy. For example, in the hiring process the interview can be fairly subjective, so as an aspect of recruitment, psychometric testing can be used to gain objective insight into the future performance of a candidate, thus aiding successful hiring decisions.   

As a tool in employee development and succession planning, psychometric assessments ensure that the right employees are placed in the right positions. Several studies have shown that one of the major causes of high staff turnover is a poor match between employees’ skills and capabilities and their job. Employees who are mis-matched with their roles contribute to a more stressful and sometimes inefficient work environment that can potentially impact the bottom line. On the other hand, employees who are suited to their roles perform better, experience less stress on the job and tend to be happier.

Psychometric assessments provide management with the tools to accurately align employees’ strengths and capabilities with their job function, thereby improving productivity and efficiency and contributing to a more harmonious work environment.

Make psychometric assessments a key part of your overall people strategy.

360◦ Feedback

360-degree feedback, also known as multi-rater feedback, multi-source feedback, or multi source assessment is a process through which feedback is gathered from an employee’s supervisor or manager, subordinates, colleagues, customers and suppliers as well as a self-evaluation from the employee themselves.  Its purpose is to assist the individual in understanding their strengths and weaknesses from an external perspective and so contribute insights into aspects of their work that need professional development.

When used as part of a leadership evaluation and development strategy, a 360-degree initiative can lead to improved behaviour and performance in leaders and managers, which will in turn result in a greater competitive advantage for the organisation.

Reference Checks

Reference checks are an excellent means of securing information about potential hires from sources other than the applicants themselves. 

A reference check generally involves contacting applicants’ former employers, supervisors, co-workers and sometimes educators to verify previous employment and to obtain information about the individual’s knowledge, skills, abilities and character.   Past performance can be a strong indicator of future performance and can reveal an individual’s professionalism, productivity, job skills and interpersonal communication abilities.  

We present you with two completed reference checks per candidate.

Background Checks

A major reason to conduct a background check is to uncover any dishonesty lurking in a candidate’s past.  A thorough background check avoids potential harm or legal liability of various types to you, the employer, or to others. Furthermore, this process assists in determining whether an applicant may be disqualified for a position due to any criminal activity, poor credit issues, or misrepresentation of education or work history.

Verifying the information provided by the applicant regarding his or her education and credentials, employer history, tenure, and other data will not only confirm required qualifications but can provide some insight into the applicant’s reliability and motivation.

Our background checks cover the following:

  • Personal information verification
  • Employment history verification – up to last 5 employers are checked
  • Credential verification
  • Education history verification
  • Reference verification
  • Neighborhood Checks
  • Criminal Record search
  • Driving permit verification


If you just need temporary staff, we provide Employee Outsourcing services.  This means that the time and costs associated with recruiting and training for short term and peripheral projects are eliminated,  allowing you to focus your talent where they are most needed.