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To find the right job may be a bit challenging, but if there is one thing that 2020 has taught us, is that we must face our challenges.   As with most of the global community, we stood in relative shock, and watched the world come to a stand still. And, as with many other countries, by the end of the year, thousands of us had either lost our jobs or had our previously secure income drastically reduced.  

For some of you, even if involuntarily, the events of 2020 may just have been the impetus you needed to redefine yourselves and your career path.  As you and your organisation changed, you realised that your goals may no longer be aligned. Acting now, then, to strengthen your resumé and ensure it is placed in front of the right employers, is an option you simply must embrace. 

At JA&A, we understand how stressful and time consuming the process of re-presenting yourself can be.  That’s why we’ve made it so much easier for you to have your resumé placed in front of the right employers and the right jobs. 

You can add yourself to our database simply and at absolutely no cost, by just sending us your resumé and qualification documents.  

On our Careers Site you’ll see when job openings arise for which you are suitably skilled and qualified. You can then indicate your interest.  In addition, once you’re in our database, we will invite you to be screened when we spot a job that may suit you.  

We recruit on behalf of clients in all industries, throughout Trinidad and Tobago, regionally and North America.  So, do not wait another moment, send us your resumé now and begin the journey to finding the right job.

A Good Resumé Is a Must

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