About Us

Jacqueline Adams and Associates formerly JA&A Human Solutions Limited, is a team of independent Recruiters and Human Resources professionals, recruiting for HireResources LLC, USA.

JA&A Human Solutions Limited, was founded in 2012 in Trinidad & Tobago, by Jacqueline Adams as a human resources solutions provider. As a generalist recruitment firm, we helped clients reduce costs and save time. We did this by providing permanent and temporary staffing. In our decade of business, we are able to make the process of finding the right talent smoother and less stressful for our clients and we built up a large database of candidates across several industries.

In 2020 the world literally changed as a result of a pandemic caused by the deadly coronavirus Covid-19. As with many companies the world over, our business was severely impacted. In early 2021, we made the decision shift our business model to independent recruiters. In April 2021, we signed on as independent recruiters with HireResources LLC and in September 2021, Jacqui as  Senior Managing Director with HireResources, began building a Trinidad and Tobago team of recruiters for HireResources,  under our rebranded name, Jacqueline Adams and Associates.